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Building advice inspections can prove to be of great value across a wide range of areas and situations. You might be looking to extend your home, or to renovate one or more of its rooms. We know that you can turn to a talented draftsman or skilled architect for some great ideas. But, even before the creation of such plans, you’ll want to be certain about their practicality; certainly before committing any budget to the project.

This is where Buywise can help

Our building advice inspections can answer many vital questions such as:

What additional supports might your subfloor require?

Is a wall you are thinking of removing actually load-bearing?

Are their drainage problems to be dealt with before work can commence?

Might large trees near or on your property be causing foundation problems?

You’ll find more of these important questions at the foot of this page.

Why choose Buywise?

Accredited and licensed inspectors with over fifty years of accumulated know-how

Swift report turn-round time; completed on site and delivered, including key digital images, within a day

Highly competitive inspection rates; all work fully insured and completed to Australian Standards

Terrific reputation – stellar Google Rating and many excellent testimonials, leading to much repeat business and many recommendations

When you Contact our independent Buywise team to organise a report, we’ll offer our first available Inspection appointment. Should you wish to accompany our experienced inspector, we’ll organise a convenient time for you, and make sure there’s a little extra time to go through any questions you have, and assess the evidence that has been gathered. So, no matter where your property is located, in Melbourne itself, on the Mornington Peninsula, or one of our many terrific suburbs, we’re ready to provide the professional advice you require before any project gets off the ground…

Building Advice Inspection Report

We Inspect It All

The Buywise Building Advice Inspection Report Team inspect the subfloor, roof space, get on the roof, inside the roof and take many photographs so the information can be easily explained to you verbally or in a building advice inspection report. We get into the places that you are unable to see yourself and others claim to have been:

Are tradesmen or builders being honest with the extra works they say are required costing you more money?

Are you an owner builder and would like advice on how to coordinate your tradesman and in what order?

What We Can Do

If we are unable to assist you in regards to your building advice inspection, we will not charge you!

Popular building advice inspections that we can perform for you:

Load bearing Walls

You may want to remove a wall and don’t know the extent of works required if it is load-bearing

Bathroom Renovation

Does the bathroom require a total renovation and what is the state under the floor?


Are additional supports required to the subfloor for the alteration you want to carry out?

Movement to Walls

What could be the cause and what can be done?

Moving internal walls

What work is required to move an internal wall and what tradesmen are required?

Wet Subfloor

How can drainage problems around your dwelling be improved?

Rising Damp

Is there a rising damp problem and what can be done?

Timber Stumps

Do the timber stumps really require replacing now, or can they last another five to ten years?

Large Trees

Large trees near the dwelling can cause problems to foundations. What are your options?