Council Termite Inspection

Council Termite Control

Termite-Prone Zones

In terms of council termite control, it’s sadly true that there will likely come a time when all areas in Victoria become termite-prone zones. Our Buywise team know well that, currently, there has to be enough evidence, or percentage of recorded termite infestations to homes in that area, before the local council can justify changing all relative requirements. This is likely to end up costing the average home an extra $500 – $1000 to construct.

It’s now accepted that more than 350 species of Termites have been recorded in Australia. About thirty of these have actually already achieved economic importance as pests of timber-in-service. This is why a timber pest inspection is surely a vital part of the process when you are purchasing or constructing any property in Melbourne or our many suburbs.

Choosing Buywise for those vital timber and pest inspections

There are a variety of reasons why over fifty thousand Melbournians have repeatedly turned to our team when such inspections are required for both residential and commercial properties. Key amongst them are:

Our unmatched, hard-won, and long-time expertise in both property and timber fields of work

The use of top-notch microwave and thermal imaging technology

A commitment to work to Australian Standards; while fully accredited, licensed and insured in our work

Creation of a comprehensive report, completed onsite, including a wealth of digital images, and delivered within just one day of the inspection itself

We welcome customers who wish to be present when the inspection takes place

Terrific value delivered through our inspection report pricing

Whereas council termite control may be a greater consideration for some areas as the years pass; peace of mind before committing to a property purchase is just as important today. So contact our Buywise team to organise that vital inspection.

Council Termite Removals

Termite Barrier System

Considering council termite removals, it’s important to appreciate that there are an increasing amount of zones each year in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula that are designated termite-prone areas, which means that if you build or require a building permit, even for an addition in those areas, you must have a termite barrier system in place before a certificate of occupancy is issued. In some states of Australia, you must obtain an inspection of your property if you are selling and as part of your Section 32.

Learn About Termites

Apart from considering council termite removals, consider these Facts from CSIRO about termites:

The annual cost of repair of damage to timber-in-service caused by termites in Melbourne has been estimated to be in excess of $200 million

It is estimated that 650,000 Australian homes have been infested by termites over the last five years

The cost of treatment and repair of the resultant damage has been estimated at $3.9 billion