Home Buyer Checklist

Home Buying Checklist

Our Buywise team know that so much is involved in a property purchase; so we hope our home buying checklist here is of help with some of the key areas involved in the process. We’ve formed it as a range of three questions to consider…

Have you decided on a location within Melbourne or our suburbs? Apart from your budget, considerations will likely include work, children’s education, transport and your favoured type of environment or lifestyle. This is a key part of your market research.

Have you thought about the type of property that will suit? From the size of the garden, to the number of bedrooms, and the nearby environs are one part. Equally, inside the property, how it’s laid out, the standard of general repair, and the amenities, will all be up for careful consideration.

Have you considered the range of costs involved? These include such areas as stamp duty, title searches, solicitors fees, conveyancing, application and valuation fees and the like. Then, when you move in, items such as insurance and amenity charges will be ongoing.

One more key item for your home buying checklist

This is to make sure you order a detailed and expert building and pest inspection. With such an important long-time investment, this will supply vital knowledge about the condition of the property. This involves the use of our expert and hugely experienced inspectors, plus our Termite hound when needed, plus the use of the best in thermal imaging and microwave equipment.

Here at Buywise, once you contact us, we’ll offer our first available appointment, or sort out a time suitable for you, should you wish to be present. Our accredited, licensed and insured inspectors deliver comprehensive photo-rich reports within 24 hours of the inspection. So, contact us for an inspection service that delivers the peace of mind you’ll want regarding your considered property.

Checklist for Buying a House

After You Sign

As part of your checklist for buying a house, remember that, once you sign the Contract of Sale, contact your conveyancer about it. Then, get your pre-purchase building and timber pest inspections to ensure the building is safe and bug-free. Next, arrange for payment, insurance and utilities. One week before the settlement, your checklist for buying a house should remind you to get the pre-settlement inspection done

Getting Started

First, save up for a deposit. Meet with a financer and figure out Stamp Duty by researching your property market to decide the budget. Next, find a conveyancer and ask for Section 32’s. Lastly, determine your settlement schedule and Contract of Sale. If going to auction, get a pre-purchase inspection.