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If you are a new home buyer, you may be looking for comprehensive home buying guides to help you through different stages and the key decisions you have to make, as a helpful way to work through this complex process. You’ll find a few specific reminders about key points below. First, though, here at Buywise, we want to talk about what you should look for when arranging an inspection. You can also find some further information on our pages covering those pre-plaster, pre-paint and pre-handover situations.

Choosing your home inspection experts

There are some key questions to ask, including:

Does this company have experts in both the building and timber aspects of inspections?

Are they making use of the latest microwave and thermal imaging technology?

Do they deliver their reports within 24 hours?

Are these reports detailed and comprehensive?

Do they also make maximum use of digital photography?

Is their reputation enhanced by an excellent Google Rating performance?

Are their prices highly-competitive; and are they accredited, licensed and insured?

You’ll want to choose an inspection company with a long-held reputation for delivering a range of inspections Melbourne-wide – meaning a level of local knowledge that can only enhance their expertise. This is backed up by the willingness of many of their customers to recommend their services to close family, work colleagues and friends – incidentally, a point emphasised in many of our Google Rating comments, which also show the level of repeat business gained.

Your chosen company should welcome you if you want to be present at the inspection. Indeed, you would hope they would lay aside some extra time to talk through any questions you have.

Here at Buywise, our commitment is to act as your home buying guides, and assist you through this key aspect of the whole purchase process.

Tips for Home Buyers

Consider This

Buy-Wise Inspections Services knows that tips for home buyers are really helpful as buying a home is one of the largest purchases you’ll make, so ensure that everything is right by following our quick tips for home buyers right here…


Talk with your financier to determine how much your budget can be.


A conveyancer will prepare documents, liaise with banks and more.

Stamp Duty

When you buy land, you need to pay duty based on the property.


Once you make an offer and sign, you’ll pay a 10 percent deposit.

Section 32

Section 32 will cover mortgages, covenants, easements and more.

Cooling Off

This is a period of three business days to cancel once you’ve signed.

Settle Terms

The settlement terms are 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on the seller.


Get a pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection to check everything.

Sale Methods

Sale types are private, tenders/expression of interest and auction.


Get insurance starting from when the seller signs the contract.


The pre-settlement inspection is your final check of the property.


Here, your conveyancer meets with the seller and finalises the sale.

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