New Home Building Inspection Reports Berwick

Ordering a comprehensive new home building inspector report for a property in Berwick is a vital action to take. There are various key stages to consider, such as: lock-up (when house doors and windows are in place), pre-plaster, fixing (or pre-paint), last-chance pre-handover – and perhaps, later, during any maintenance period. Buywise’s expertly-conducted new home building and property inspections (services) in Berwick provide the peace-of-mind you’ll demand when such substantial financial investments are being made.

Buywise - professional new home building inspections
by a trusted local provider

There are many powerful reasons why Melbourne residents, in Berwick and across the city, put their faith in our hugely experienced team. Key amongst these are…

We deliver independent inspections – and our fully-insured Buywise team includes both a registered builder and a licenced timber pest technician – a combined half-century and more of vital building trade experience

Their know-how ensures our new home building inspections reach the places you don’t see, from underfloor to up in the roof. We assess the structural integrity and make sure the property is code and drawing compliant. And our wonderful friendly, super-trained, and highly intelligent termite hound, and accompanying technology, delivers an amazing 97% accuracy!

When you contact us, we’ll offer our first-available inspection appointment – usually within 2 to 3 days, although, if seriously urgent, same-day response can also often be offered

Our comprehensive and easy-to-read reports, including more than 150 key photographs, are uploaded and available within just 24 hours of the inspection

All inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards

Award-winning customer satisfaction is our bedrock – a Google Review rating of 4.8 out of 5, and more than 70,000 clients, many of whom recommend us to family, colleagues and friends. We are also the go-to for many major new home builders

Competitive rates – an affordable new home property inspections (services) commitment to delivering unequalled expertise at a terrific value price

Take that vital next step regarding your new Berwick home right now

Don’t delay and then regret it later! Make sure you book your new home building inspector report just when it’s really needed. Either complete our Buywise swift-response Enquiry Form or talk to us by dialling 03 8773 9788