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If you are involved in the purchase of a new home anywhere in Pakenham or nearby, then you’ll know how vital it is to receive the highest standard of new home building inspections reports. Your property construction goes through key stages, including lock-up (usually accepted as the time when doors and windows are in place), pre-plaster, fixing (also known as pre-paint). It might be that opportunity before property handover; or there could be a subsequent maintenance period. An inspector needs to be your eyes especially where you can’t immediately see the work being undertaken, from the tip of the roof to right under the floorboards. Whenever you need a new home property inspections services report, reach out to us…

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Over 70,000 Melbourne area residents have already made this choice – as have many new home builders. With a 4.8 out of 5 score on Google Review Ratings, it’s easy to appreciate, as they do, the award-winning level of service provided. There are many key reasons for this…

We deliver fully independent inspections – and as soon as you contact us, we’ll suggest our first-available inspection appointment. This is typically in just 2 to 3 days; for seriously urgent situations, a same-day response can often be offered

There are three key individuals in our fully-insured new home building inspections services team. Firstly a registered and hugely experienced builder; secondly a licenced long-time timber pest technician; thirdly our unmatched, highly-trained, and so-intelligent termite hound. This brilliant beagle, together with vital technology, delivers an astonishing 97% accuracy – and that’s certainly not to be sniffed at!

After your comprehensive new home building inspection is completed, it’s uploaded and available to you within just 24 hours. Each report is backed up by more than 150 key photographs. Of course, all our inspections meet the relevant Australian Standards

Truly competitive rates for all our Pakenham area new home property inspections (services) – just ask for an obligation-free quote

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Time wasted can be an expensive luxury when considering your new Pakenham property. To be fully aware of all you need to know, book your new home property inspections services report now – by completing our quick Buywise Enquiry Form; or talk to us by calling 03 8773 9788