Pre Plaster Inspections

Pre Plaster Inspections

PrePlaster Building Inspection

A Buy-Wise Inspection Services lockup – pre-plaster inspection will include, but is not limited to, reporting on the following items:

Ensure all roofing materials have been correctly installed and fixed in position

Pointing of all ridge and hip roof tiles are consistent in terms of colour and texture and there are no cracks in the pointing

Check no damage to specially coated surfaces (Colourbond roofs, gutters, fascia boards and downpipes)

External wall cladding has been correctly fitted and fixed in position

Ensure roof coverings are fixed and all external doors and external windows are fixed

Check the nailing of eaves quad and eaves sheets

Ensure eaves line against the brickwork line

Check fascia boards, bargeboards and gutters are correctly aligned and fixed in position

Ensure all brickwork is level, plumb, straight, square and that all articulation joints, flashings and weep holes have been correctly placed and installed

Brickwork is properly placed on the concrete slab and that it doesn’t overhang the slab

Ensure no cracked, chipped or broken bricks

Ensure no cracks in, chips out of or scratches in rendered surfaces or wall cladding

Adequate clearance between windows and abutting brick sills

Ensure gaps between all window and door frames and the abutting brickwork is not excessive

Check the alignment and operation of all external doors and windows

Check locks are fitted to all external facing doors

Ensure no damage to window frames, door frames, door handles or locks

Ensure the glass fitted to doors and windows have not been scratched, chipped or cracked

Ensure ceilings, cornice and walls are level, plumb, straight and square

Ensure timber/particle board flooring is properly fixed and does not move or squeak

Check concrete slab has not been damaged

Ensure shower bases for level and correct installation

Check windows are level and flush with plasterwork when installed

Lockup Stage

The lockup stage refers to the point in time where you’re able to effectively ‘lockup’ the house. This is normally when all the windows and exterior doors are on (and typically, but not necessarily, the garage door).