PreSale Inspections

It Alleviates

Alleviate inspectors and agents coming through your house every time you have an interested buyer

Address the areas that require rectification

Negotiate a fair price

Prevent the potential for buyers to have second thoughts by reading a report they have commissioned

Prevent the delay of the sale due to having to fix items at the last minute

Have time to correct any areas of concern

Not be put on the spot with unrealistic prices to fix items which you have not had time to investigate

Save time and be ready

Why not be completely upfront at the start and save valuable time by having your home fully inspected and ready for sale! By displaying our Pre-Inspected sign on the Real Estate Sale Board will show buyers you have nothing to hide.

Your Discount

If we carry out a Pre-sale inspection on your own home, Buy-Wise Inspection Services will take 20% off your Pre-Purchase Inspection when you find your new home! Click here to view some sample reports.

Sample Reports


“I just used Buy wise to inspect a property I purchased under clause Building and Pest. I am so grateful I did, because of how thorough they were, I was able to negotiate the price because of the issues I would not have otherwise known about before too late and after paying full price.Not only are they thorough, they took every phone call and answered every question and directed me to the right places for the right advice. The customer service is impeccable before AND after the fact. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! and “Belle” is INCREDIBLE and so supportive in what was such a stressful time. I cannot rave highly enough!”

Tihana - Frankston