In the market for a new home? You’ll logically anticipate making a significant financial commitment for it. As you’re buying an existing house or constructing one from the ground up, you may already have an understanding of the monetary consequence if the quality of the workmanship or the house itself fails industry standards. 

To prevent the potential of a financial disaster in this case, you want to engage a professional building inspector. His or her expertise will protect you from unforeseen expenses that come in the form of damage mitigation and emergency repairs because he or she can uncover hidden faults, letting you know what you’re really getting from an estate before you exchange sale contracts.

Here’s the problem: not all inspectors are equal. As much as you’d want discerning eyes and ears protecting your interest throughout the home purchasing process, not everyone is going to deliver value for your money. This is why you have to work only with the best in your locale. Luckily, you need not look far for one because Buywise is right here to inspect the house you’re planning to buy and tell you if it’s a money pit or not.


Choosing the Most Competent Building Inspectors in the Locale

When you want the best building inspectors assessing the property you’re buying or building, Buywise is your best bet. Having built an excellent reputation, you can trust that we stand by the name we’ve made for ourselves and deliver nothing but a building inspection report that is both comprehensive and detailed.

Our solid reputation isn’t the only reason that makes us the leading independent building inspection company in Melbourne, though. Here are the reasons why Buywise is the company you call for a building and pest inspection:



It sounds unfortunate but only one state in Australia requires building inspectors to be licensed. As scary as it may sound, anybody in those other states can come forward claiming to be building inspectors (even when they don’t have the relevant licenses) and be able to get away with it. While some may risk it out with these amateurs, leaving the building inspection report in their hands isn’t a good idea because any oversight can be potentially disastrous for you down the track.

By working with a registered and licensed inspector, you can rest assured that the report will be done professionally. Them being qualified means they have broad knowledge of the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards (in the construction industry), the Building Act, as well as the relevant building regulations. The inspector will know what defects to look for and see if the workmanship of a structure is at par with industry standards.

Our inspectors here at Buywise are all registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). We’re even registered building practitioners with the Building Commission in Victoria. Needless to say, we’ve got the qualification to give you the confidence that we’ll do an excellent job assessing properties.



The more you perform one thing, the better you get at it. When it comes to building inspection, the same logic applies. This is why it would be wise to have the report done by someone who has years of experience under his or her belt. We’ve worked as builders and pest inspectors, our combined 50 years of experience is what separates us from most competitors.

Because we’ve inspected thousands of properties through the years, creating superbly detailed building inspection reports has become our calling card. Unlike some competitors, we don’t just tick off boxes on a template. Instead, we make personalised reports that are both informative and comprehensive in their scope.

More than half a century’s worth of experience in the industry has earned us the reputation as Melbourne’s leading independent building and timber pest inspection company. We’ve made comprehensive building inspection reports for thousands of properties across the state and this in-depth knowledge of the area’s real estate market gives us an immediate edge over newcomers who have just started in the business.



Of course, a lot is at stake during the building inspection and the reassurance that it’ll really deliver as expected should give you peace of mind as a home buyer. You want your purse protected in case you incur losses as a buyer as a result of professional errors/omissions and unforeseen property damage, after all. 

Buywise carries both Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance for all our building and pest inspections. Understanding the importance of our reports, we take our job seriously and aim only to perform a building inspection that will reassure you as a home buyer. Nevertheless, we have insurance in case something goes terribly wrong during the inspection. Besides, these stand as proof that we’re proven at our trade and that any accidents or oversights won’t end up putting your real estate plans in jeopardy.


Comprehensive Report

The ultimate goal of any building inspection service is to uncover everything there is to know about a house you’re going to buy. Doing this will give you a good idea of what you may be getting from your planned real estate investment. Since the objective is to comprehensively report significant details about the property, it is for this reason that templated reports just won’t suffice.

Buywise creates building inspection reports with the relevant Australian Standards in mind. We conduct building inspections in a truly comprehensive manner and we back them up with detailed photos. You’d get a really good picture of the house you’re getting (in this case, literally) and you can even attend the inspection if you wish to see how we carefully assess every nook and cranny of an estate.


Competitive Rates

When it comes to building inspections, you want to get the best of both worlds. A reasonably priced service that doesn’t compromise on quality is something that’s hard to come by, however. Some companies even use templates for their inspection report to get the job done fast and cut off the price, but this methodology may not guarantee that you’d get an excellent report every time.

Here in Buywise, we don’t cut corners. We carry out the same level of excellence for each report we do but at a competitive price. We even offer a 20-percent discount if both the pest and building inspection are carried out on the same property at the same time. This means you can get both done and gain the most leverage when the price negotiation comes but at a reasonable cost.


Building Inspections Guarantee Your Peace of Mind

A majority of Australians spend a handsome amount on a house; and for first-time buyers, the idea of making a bad real estate investment can be frightening. An expert building inspector helps you prevent making this financial mistake.

With their keen eye for details, they can spot problematic properties on the first try and this can surely keep you from blindly leaping into a money pit before it’s too late. Remember, not all houses on the market are what they’re made out to be. Some property vendors could intentionally or unwittingly hide flaws that, if not discovered and fixed, could drain your funds once you buy the place.

This is where Buywise can be your closest ally. We’ve been in business long enough that we can tell a good real estate purchase from a bad one. We help in leading you to the right conclusion by enumerating major and minor defects in a prospect house, helping you weigh your next moves as a home buyer.

We can assess properties thoroughly because we’ve acquired enough experience in various building trades (from gyprock to landscaping). This means we have an eye for finding property defects and pest infestations so you’re truly informed about the state of the house you’re purchasing. And did we mention that we inspect using the latest equipment? Indeed, Buywise makes use of thermal imaging, sounding devices, microwave technology, and moisture detection to help us perform inspections optimally. 

Having successfully worked for over fifty thousand clients, both commercial and residential, our unmatched commitment to detailed, professional reporting has made us the preferred company for property owners and investors across Melbourne. Our inspectors have extensively assessed newly constructed homes and existing ones throughout the city and its many suburbs so we know what common issues to look for.

Even with our solid reputation as a leading independent building inspection company, we’ve remained approachable! We welcome you if you wish to be present during a pre-purchase inspection. Just let us know when you’ll be there and we’ll lay aside time to answer your questions and have a full discussion about key elements of the process. 


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Questions often thrown our way are: “shouldn’t I get the inspector offering the lowest price?” and “aren’t all building inspection reports the same?” Our answer to both questions is a resounding “NO”!

The building inspector you choose should be a true professional and keep you from making an expensive mistake in the midst of your real estate endeavour. Sadly, many inexperienced inspectors aren’t properly equipped for the job. While picking them may save you a bit of cash at first, your savings will go right down the drain once any oversight results in the purchase of a residential property that actually needs massive and costly repairs than expected.


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