Termite Detection Dogs

Dogs and Inspector

Buy-Wise Inspection Services have been using termite-detection dogs in conjunction with an experienced pest inspector (handler) for over ten years during our
pre-purchase inspections with great success.

Our Main Method

A method we use whilst conducting training at our office premises is placing a termite in specially made skirting boards that can be removed from the wall and has a hollowed out section at the back where the termite is placed. Once the dog passes this area, he picks up the scent and will sit for a reward (being food or affection, or both). The dogs are asked to show where they found the scent, and will then proceed to sniff the area and sit again. The inspector will take the dog away from the area and reward him. During the rest of the inspection, the inspector will pass back over the same area to see if the dog indicates again. If so, there is no doubt that the presence of termites exists.

Licensed Service

Buy-Wise Inspection Services is one of the only licensed and registered pest inspection companies to use termite-detection dogs in Victoria, but are widely used in other states, particularly in Queensland, overseas and America, where the idea originated from.

Why Use Our Dogs

Why Do I Need a Termite-Detection Dog?

When a subfloor inspection is not possible due to no access hole or there are clearance problems between ground and timbers

If termites have just entered the property and there is no visible evidence to internal timbers

Termite-detection dogs are the only detection tool that can detect termites in floorboards if carpet is present

If you want the most thorough inspection available today, talk to one of our sales team about having a termite-detection dog at your inspection