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Timber pest inspections expertise is what you are seeking when you are considering making that major investment in a property in Melbourne and our many suburbs. You are trusting the technicians in the company you choose to conduct a careful and methodical examination of the property to clearly determine whether that chosen property is affected by the scourge of Termites.

Why choose a Buywise timber pest inspections expert?

Expertise and experience

 Our team have over fifty years of combined experience in property. Our amazing sniffer beagle hound might be younger, at least in human years, but has a detection nose like no other!


With more than fifty thousand happy and trusting clients having used us through the years, and carrying out over 3,000 property inspections each year, it’s easy to see why we back our reputation. We are proud of a seriously high Google Rating, and the fact that so much of our work comes through an enthusiastic recommendation from those who have already used us.


Not just through experience, but by a commitment to always work to the relevant Australian Standards. As you would expect, we are fully licensed and insured. This is backed up by comprehensive reports, using a range of microwave and thermal imaging technology. These are often delivered the same day as the inspection, or certainly by the next morning. The words are enhanced with digital photographs as appropriate.

One final reason

Peace of mind! We know how major a decision the purchase of property is in your life. We’ll always take time to talk through any areas of our report, and answer any questions. In fact, many Frequently Asked Questions are already answered right here. So, contact our Buywise experts now to arrange a speedy inspection appointment – and you’ll be armed with the key information you need to make a truly informed property buying decision.

Timber Pest
Inspections Melbourne

Timber Pest Inspections is a necessary step to take whether you are buying or investing on a property. It is an important process which includes a careful and methodical examination by licensed technicians such as Buy Wise Pest Control Experts to determine if the property is affected by termites.

This is why a Timber Pest Inspection and Report by Buy Wise gives property owners peace of mind.

Timber Pest Inspectors

Timber Pest
Inspection Experts

Our Timber Pest Inspectors are members of the Australian Pest Managers Association. They are registered with the health department and are licensed pest technicians. They provide a thorough and comprehensive pest inspection service to give you detailed information to alert you of any invasive pest that could be around your property.

Completing our expert Pest Inspection, our experienced Timber Pest Inspectors are paired with the latest equipment. The best types of equipment are used for your property for a much more detailed report.

Termite detection dogs — Scent from termites

Microwave technology — Movement from termites

Thermal imaging — Heat from termites

Moisture detection — Moisture from termites

Sounding device — Damage from termites

Termite Inspection

All Buy-Wise Inspection Services’ Pest Inspectors are equipped with approximately $40,000 of termite-detection equipment at every inspection, so you can be confident that the information they give is 100% correct. A Buy-Wise Inspection Services pre-purchase inspection gives you:

A detailed report that has been carried out in accordance to Australian Standard Timber Pest Inspections AS 4349.3 2010

A comprehensive inspection of your property, both internally and externally

Risk assessment of your area

A no-obligation free quote for a preventative termite treatment

General advice on how you can prevent any future termite infestation

Images to help explain problem areas and concerns

Facts About Termites

Did you know:

Termites can tunnel up to 200 metres under the ground in search of food (your house timbers). A nest could be on a neighbouring property

Just because your house in on a slab doesn’t mean you are safe from termite attack; it actually means you are at higher risk as subfloor inspections are not possible

Common termite species found in Melbourne are among the most damaging of all termite species

Comprehensive Buy Wise Pest Inspection

Pests can be very stressful to have in your property and Buy Wise as a comprehensive inspection company in Melbourne knows how important our inspection are to you as property owners. And so, we perform our reports with the latest software that captures digital photographs of both major and minor issues discovered throughout the inspection and makes it available ASAP.

We Will Help You Every Step of the Way Regarding Termites

Sample Reports


“Thank you BuyWise for our help with our Building & Pest Inspections. Buying an investment property can be a stressful experience, however, you really helped making this part of the process super simple and stress free.”

Cameron – Patterson Lakes