The building inspector Berwick homeowners trust, Buywise has performed thousands of comprehensive building and pest inspections for homebuyers seeking reassurance in their property investment. Without this report, it will be hard to tell if the property you are about to buy is riddled with problems that only surface when it’s too late.

From termite infestation to presence of hazardous materials, many unseen problems can turn a property purchase into a financial nightmare! Even property changes done without the proper permits can become a real headache down the line. With our independent pre-purchase property inspections, you can prevent spending on a money pit. We’ll inspect all the places your eyes won’t see (e.g. up in the roof or under the floorboards) for your peace of mind.

Call the building inspector Berwick trusts like Buywise and get prompt and fully-insured property inspections that we carry out in compliance with the relevant Australian Standards.

Building and Pest Inspection Berwick

With the building and pest inspection Berwick trusts, you can keep yourself from falling for a money pit! As exciting as the idea of purchasing a house may seem, buying one is a massive gamble in itself. Without a thorough property inspection, it can be difficult determining whether you’re getting a good deal or not.

You don’t just get any company for this crucial process, though. Because a lot is at stake, you want your building and pest inspection report done by a trusted name. That’s where our team here at Buywise enters the picture.

Buywise Is Your Best Bet

Buywise has worked for over 70,000 Melbourne residents and that’s just the start! The fact that we’ve earned a remarkable Google Review Rating of 4.8 out of 5 is a testament to the professionalism we put into every property report. Indeed, local homebuyers turn to us for comprehensive and independent building inspections and we won’t disappoint should you choose us to inspect the house you’re about to buy.

We’ll search every nook and cranny of the property; even the spaces people normally don’t check. That means you can trust us to check the roofspace all the way to what lies under the floorboards. We will leave no stones unturned!

Quick and Effective Building Inspectors

Buywise stands head and shoulder above the crowd and that’s largely credit to our professional team that works cohesively as a unit. We’ve got a vastly experienced (and registered builder) working alongside a fully-licensed timber pest inspector.

They bring to the table a combined industry experience of 50+ years, which means you’re getting two of the best the industry has to offer from the get-go. Plus, we even employ a magnificent beagle who can sniff out termites without fail! It may seem a stretch (it isn’t) but Buywise boasts of a 97% accuracy in identifying termite problems and we can help ensure your new home won’t hide any of these destructive menaces.