Equipment Used for Building and Pest Inspections

Experienced Building and Termite Inspectors with the Latest Equipment

Surely experienced building and Termite Inspectors with the latest equipment is a given whenever you are ordering a property inspection. Well we can’t speak for others, but this is certainly the case when your choice is Buywise.

But it’s also important to match such equipment choices with a level of experience that pairs in-depth understanding to the technology. Our licensed inspectors have vast experience both in property and in working with wood. This means that they quickly understand such important detail such as:

Whether a property has been treated for termites in the past

If termites are currently present in this location

Any dampness problems located around wet areas

Any level of rising or falling dampness currently present in the property’s walls

There is one other vital team member who, when paired with our experienced building and termite inspectors with the latest equipment, from thermal imaging to microwave measuring, completes the picture you need to understand when making a vital buying decision. This is our termite hound, whose nose is like no other, sniffing out problems with the same level of skill as our human team members – and an even greater liking for biscuits!

Experience gained can be measured by the high level of our Google Rating performance. We have also received so many testimonials. Our current customers are often eager to recommend us to others who need building and termite inspections. They approve of our 24-hour maximum turnaround time in delivering our report. Added to this is the superb value we offer, and the fact that we are fully accredited and licensed, our work is fully insured, and that we always operate to expected Australian Standards.

When you contact our Buywise team, we’ll offer our first available appointment time – or find one that’s convenient for you. Then human and technology will set to work, delivering the level of detailed and clear information, including digital photography, that you should expect to help you make such a major life-changing decision.

Latest Technology Used for Termite Inspections

Our Inspectors

The latest technology used for termite inspections is used in conjunction with our pest inspectors who are registered and licensed with the Health Department and possess a minimum of 15 years experience with termite inspections and treatments. Our reports, compiled thanks to the latest technology used for termite inspections, are detailed and inform you of termites, borers, fungal decay and wood rot.

Our Technology

Termite detection dogs — Scent from termites

Microwave technology — Movement from termites

Thermal imaging — Heat from termites

Moisture detection — Moisture from termites

Sounding device — Damage from termites

Experienced Builders & Termite Inspectors with latest equipment

Sample Reports