There are a wide range of situations where a written inspection report is of immense value in ensuring the soundness of your property, the workmanship of builders and others, or the possibility of Pest Infestations. Buywise can provide the expertise and detail you require across a wide range of inspection areas, including:

Our written inspection report is typically available the same day as the inspection – or by the next morning at the latest. It’s completed onsite and includes all relevant digital photography. Should you wish to accompany our inspector, you are most welcome to do so. Tell us when you book your appointment, and we’ll make sure there’s time to answer all your questions once the information is gathered and the inspection completed.

Our inspectors are highly trained, accredited and licensed and our work is fully insured, complying with all relevant Australian Standards. With fifty years of accumulated experience, and through completing over three thousand inspections every year, Buywise offers unmatched expertise and unequalled customer service. This is highlighted in our brilliant Google Rating score, the many testimonials we receive, and the repeat or referral business gained from over 50,000 terrific customers spread across Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, and our great suburbs.

So, no matter the type of inspection and written report you require, our team are ready to deliver. Whether to identify a problem, or simply require peace of mind that all is well, our Buywise inspectors have been scouring Melbourne for so many years working on behalf of our clients, that they know it as well as the back of their own hand!

And you should require no more than a little advice through a money-saving verbal report – then we’re happy to oblige.

So, how can we help you?



Do you have a problem with your home and would like advice or to use our other building inspection services? If so, give Buywise Inspections Services a call today and one of our friendly team will be waiting to assist. Most of the time, small problems lead to bigger and more expensive repairs if left too long. The cost of any of our other building inspection service can save you money and steer you in the right direction for the repairs.


If you have had a tradesman or builder quote on a problem you have and are unsure on the full extent of the works that they say are required, then we may be able to assist you by giving you peace of mind that the works are justified. Our incentive is the advice to you and the inspection, not the profit on the works required.