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Buywise has earned its reputation as the leading independent Melbourne Building Inspector and Pest Inspection Report services provider. Trusting a one person outfit can be cheaper but risky by contrast to engaging a team of professional building inspectors in a company with enviable customer service satisfaction, Google Reviews, and multi service awards as Buywise continues to achieve. Our consumer clients speak for us and Buywise are also the trusted provider for many of Australia’s leading new home builders. Get in touch today on 1800 289  ….

VBA and Registered Building Practitioner
Peter Hearn

Director of Buy Wise Inspections

Now 52 years old, Peter started in the Building Industry at the age of 18 as a Carpenter, completing his apprenticeship working on predominately new homes with multiple companies, one being his fathers’ company, as he too was a builder for 55 years.

Peter became a Registered Builder Unlimited (DB-U12617) in 1996 and started Hearn Constructions where he built new homes, alterations and additions throughout Melbourne on a variety of modern and period homes. A majority of works performed was for Architects who worked with varying designs and eras.

Peter is qualified in carpentry, tiling, plastering, bricklaying and concreting as he was hands on as a Builder and worked with all trades over 35 years.

Peter started Buy Wise Inspections in 2005 as he wanted to utilised his knowledge and experience to assist people when purchasing a home, to make sure they were going to be making the right decision and protecting their investment.

Peter is also the Director of Pest Police Australia which has been operating for 12 years and offers termite inspections and termite control all over Melbourne. Peter has employed a number of pest technicians/inspectors between both businesses and believes he has the best technicians/inspectors around.

Peter is passionate about the building industry and performing building and pest inspections, and believes that the home you intend to purchase hasn’t been inspected for building & pest if two inspectors have not completed it! Buy Wise will send two experienced inspectors to every inspection with around 50 years’ experience between them.

Peter also conducts New Home Inspections/Quality Control, Special Purpose Inspections on your home and Building Advice for alteration/addition possibilities.

Tania Dodemaide

Office Manager

Tania is in her late 40’s and is married with 3 children and has lived on the Mornington Peninsula most of her life.

She grew up surrounded by the building construction industry with a father and two brothers as professional carpenters followed by successful Builders. Her eldest son has now followed in the family’s obsession with building and has just qualified as a carpenter.

25 years ago, she and her husband started a family business on the Mornington Peninsula. Her role was administrative, financial and marketing based. Expanding on her accounting and finance qualification to understand and develop her strengths in customer service.

She always enjoyed helping people in the community and further developed her skills into the personal sector of community service. Working for some time with community-based organisations.

Tania worked for Buywise some 12 years ago in some of our early conception periods as a small business from home to a thriving team and company, before leaving to tend to a young family. Then, recently returning to the business in a customer service capacity ensuring our customers receive the value of a friendly, timely and efficient service.

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with the family and the family farm animals including dogs, cat, goats and sheep.  Reading is her down time retreat and maybe a few chocolate treats before bed.

Rohan Hine

Timber Pest Inspector

With a career spanning 15 years in the Pest Industry and completing more than 10,000 inspections, Rohan understands that experience and work ethics are fundamental ingredients to carrying out his job effectively.

Rohan’s role at Buy Wise requires the level of experience he has to understand the multitude of issues that can occur where termites are involved. Issues that cannot be discounted unless you thoroughly inspect first!

With an experienced Inspector such as Rohan, you can rest assured you will receive a quality service that will provide you with the necessary information before proceeding with your investment.

Robert Dawson

Building Inspector

Rob is our most senior Inspector specialising in new builds and is well qualified and experienced having started his working career as an apprentice carpenter and cabinet maker, giving him a broad understanding of all facets of home construction. In his career, he has received awards from the HIA and Master Builders recognising his achievements in the building industry.

After becoming a fully qualified tradesman and due to his eye for detail, he was offered a job as a design draftsman which had also been a passion. His skills and experience eventually led to him to owning a very successful building company involved in building quality bespoke homes and commercial buildings.

The knowledge gathered over the years means that Rob is a well respected inspector, by not only Buy Wise and fellow inspectors, but also our clients.

Over the past 12 years Rob has completed more than 6,000 inspections. He is very easy to talk to when advice is required and gives an honest and fair appraisal.

Bisero Radin

Building Inspector

Biz is a Registered Builders Practitioner (DB-U2490) domestic Unlimited and fully insured. He is one of our highly experience Building inspector encompassed with knowledge of Australian standards and tolerances who expects quality to ensure your investment in reflected by value.

Biz started in the industry as an Apprentice Carpenter 35 odd years ago and earnt his reputation as a perfectionist in the trade. After many years working as a contractor he and his wife started a family business as a Quality Builder specialising in high end quality homes based on the Mornington Peninsula. Most of their clientele where high end homes ranging in 1m-6m builds alone requiring critique and impeccable standards.

As the family grew and time went on Biz was looking for a balance in life and work and was sort by many building companies to share and critique quality and standards to uplift building standards amongst the best in the industry. For the next 8-10 years he worked to perfect standards amongst varies building companies and the trade work required to assure

  • Quality and high standards are met in the domestic house Industry.

His roles have included

  • Site Manager, Quality Control Manager and Warranty Manager, carpenter for over 35 years.

Critiquing all stages of a build, including the final handover experience to ensure construction to home at its finest.

Biz joined Buywise between roles and projects from 2012 – 2019 to operate as a building inspector with the knowledge and experience to handle all construction stage inspections, specialising in

  • Stage by stage new home inspections
  • Pre handovers
  • Dilapidation reports
  • Defect reports
  • Special Purpose building reports

and will further complement the already high standards of Buy Wises

  • Pre purchase home inspections.

During his free time, Biz is a family man enjoying the grandchildren and we can’t forget his favourite family member his Jack Russell, ‘Juddy’ after his best doggy friend ‘Kouta’ passed last year. Can you tell that he is a Carlton supporter (don’t hold it against him ☹)?

Penny the termite detection dog

Termite Detection Dog

Penny our termite detection dog for over 8 years has officially retired as of March 2020, due to health issues and she is going on 10 years old now, which is around retirement age for us humans.

Penny has performed around 7000 pre purchase inspections for Buy Wise and she was originally part of a team of 4 dogs, Max, Bluey, Sarge and Penny over a 14 year period.

Buy Wise has made the decision of not continuing with termite detection dogs at our inspections due to several reasons, one is the expense which is around $20,000 per dog and time of ongoing training with a new pup.

Even though they were a great part of our team, we believe we have the best timber pest inspectors around which is the most important aspect of any inspection, and we have all of the latest equipment for the detection of live termites.

If you were at one of our inspections with Penny you would have seen how well behaved and friendly she was, always having her nose to the ground doing her thing and enjoying a pat afterwards which she loved as much as food.

Instead of going to work every day, Penny will now stay at home with my other dog Remi who is a Husky, we all thank Penny for her long dedicated service in finding termites.


In the event that a situation arises, then you can rest assured that you, our client, are well-covered at all times for both building and timber pest inspectionsClick here to download the document.

L.E. C
Fast and reliable service. Extremely thorough in their inspections. Found defects and provided us with advice. Highly recommend and will now only use them for our property purchases.
Anna O'Donnell
Really friendly, fast service. Very thorough report was sent so quickly - 7 hours after inspection.
I recently used Buywise for a pre-purchase builders and pest inspection. As a first home buyer the process was a bit daunting but the staff were very friendly, helpful and responsive. The inspections were performed within a few days and 2 separate and very comprehensive inspection reports were provided. Couldn't recommend this company more highly and thanks again for the great service!
Hardeep Singh
I used Buywise for a pre-purchase inspection for an existing dwelling about 4 years back,They were prompt and professional to deal with. The inspection was very thoroughly done and the report was comprehensive detailed with attached photos.So that’s the reason I am using their services again for pre purchase of my investment propertyDefinitely recommend for anyone purchasing their owner occupied or investment property.One of the best in the industry!!
Panji tohaga
I engaged Buywise Inspections to inspect my first home and they provided thorough and detailed report given within a short time frame. I now use them again for my next purchase. Highly recommended.
Daniel Elliott
Very simple, well priced company who did excellent work for us.Would highly recommend
Wal Tube
We engaged BuyWise Inspections to complete a review of our first property purchase in Melbourne, having moved from interstate.We were very impressed with their service which included a comprehensive detailed report with photos that left us with no illusions of about the property we were looking to invest in.We speak highly of their customer service and have since engaged them in further inspections.
Excellent customer service and thorough inspections.As first home buyer we did not know what to expect or how to conduct a pest and building inspection. The team at BuyWise explained everything and dealt with the agents directly making sure we got the report within the timeframe allocated but our contract. They were friendly, understanding and put our minds at ease through the whole process.The report itself was extremely thorough, having picture and explanations of everything found. The inspectors even called us on the day to explain what they had found and answered all of our questions. The report ended up saving us tens of thousands of dollars as there was structural termite damage to the property.We have engaged BuyWise to inspect another property for us and will be recommending them to everyone we speak to.
Jessica Li
We used Buywise for a pre-purchase inspection for an existing dwelling.  They were prompt and professional to deal with. The inspection was thorough and the report comprehensive and detailed with attached photos. Definitely recommend for anyone purchasing property and we will use them for future purchases!
elvis presley
I have used Buywise pre purchase inspection services quite a few times and they provide good value for money. On one occasion we did not proceed with a property due to defects found, we spoke to the inspector and were able to get a good understanding of the structural issues with the property. On other occasions the list of smaller defects is a good maintenance list and watchouts for the future. Every time I use Buywise I talk to the inspectors and they are happy to chat about what they have found, the reports with photos are good too.
Exceptional service and detailed inspection report, highly recommended.As a first time buyer on an existing dwelling, we were glad that we used Buy Wise Inspection. Their quality service started from the first phone conversation which outlined their comprehensive services and pricing clearly, so we knew exactly what to expect. They even scheduled an inspection on our behalf directly with the real estate agent which made the process much simpler.The inspection reports were very thorough and detailed, they first summarised the property quality relative to the similar properties, then outlined each area in detail with clear photos. Most importantly every issue they identified, they provided a recommended solution with an indicative cost which allowed us to budget that into our overall purchase price. Every subsequent question that we had, they responded promptly in detail.Being one of the biggest purchases, we were glad that we partnered with someone who has been in the industry for decades! Highly recommended!
Sampath Kumar
I have had the pleasure of using Buywise Inspections, Langwarrin twice so far--7 years ago and 3 years ago, while buying properties in Langwarrin. And on the basis of those experiences, using the company again this week, while buying an investment unit in Langwarrin.The reports produced were quite comprehensive and as a result, the vendors had to replace more than a dozen roof tiles and protect electric wires from the insulation in the roof.Further, on the basis of the report, we arranged protection against termites--common issue in Langwarrin .It was easy to arrange the inspection within a couple of days--before the 1 week deadline for the 10% deposit.On the basis of my experience, I would recommend Buywise Inspection, without any hesitation.
Tom Higgins
As a first home buyer a lot of these processes are a bit daunting, the team at Buy Wise were just amazing throughout the process! They have a clear and thorough report, which outlines all the items in detail. They took the time to run through the report with us so we understood the results, and they are just great to deal with. Highly recommend!!
Leo Jane
Can’t thank the team at Buy Wise enough! They saved me from investing in a property with major structural defects which I would have missed if it weren’t for them. The service was very personable, yet professional and prompt. Their reporting was thorough and clear, with easy to understand photos for those, like myself, who have little knowledge of building. Buy Wise was recommended to me by a friend, and I too will be recommending their services to anyone who is in need of a building and pest inspection. Thank you again Buy Wise team!
Daniel Kerwin
We used Buywise for when we purchased our first home. They were so easy to deal with and were so organised in contacting the agent and getting out to see the property. The report we got from them THAT NIGHT was so detailed with information about every aspect of the house. It varied from broken roof tiles to taps being the wrong way around and so much in between. The detail in the report also gave us price estimates to fix things which really helped with budgeting and determining what issues to resolve when and what we could do ourselves. They even had some tips in the report for example there was timber under the house that was just left there and they recommended removing it to reduce risks of pests.Since our inspection all my siblings and parents have also used Buywise, as well as some of my mates all of which couldn't believe how great and detailed the reports were. Hence now buying a new property we are going with these guys once again.
Sophie McCluskey
Buywise helped us with a pre-purchase inspection in Blackburn South.They went through with great detail, and arranged an inspection at short notice.I’d definitely reuse them again.
Amanda Kirkwood
Can't thank Peter and Rohan and the team enough for providing a full pest and building inspection report for a property i have just purchased. Being a single mum and this being such a huge decision and also with COVID restrictions in place, they have given me great peace of mind and even provided some ideas for improvements that could be done. I have really appreciated their help and follow up also. Would definitely recommend.
James B
Can't thank Emily, Peter and Trevor at Buy Wise enough for the building and pest inspection they conducted for me at short notice. During COVID it makes it difficult to understand the state of property when you are unable to inspect, however the report Buy Wise gave so much insight and the inspection was of exceptional quality and detail. Best building and pest inspection I have used and would defiantly recommend!
Adeel Karim
This is the second time, I am using Buy Wise services for building and pest inpsection. I have always found them thorough and professional.Emily was very helpful in resolving my queries and providing updates at every stage of the process.Inspection report was very professional and detailed. I would highly recommend them for property purchase!
Arnes Muhic
Recently, I purchased a residential property which required a very fast turnaround time due to conditions of purchase. I called Emily who was extremely helpful and was able to accommodated the swift turnaround time. The inspection was professional and highly detailed. They look after you, especially if you've used their services in the past.Definitely recommend for any property purchase 🙂
Sukhwinder Singh
We were buying the house for the first time and didn’t want to take any risk. We contacted Buy Wise and they did the inspection on good time.The report was ready at same day. It was very depth report which did help us to make the decision whether we should buy the property or not. I would definitely recommend them to others without any hesitation.
Karen Assimo
I have now used Buywise before I purchased my last three properties! Great service 🙂
Masoud N
Buywise provided the reports I needed at a great speed and the service was professional.Highly recommend it.
Travis Ellams
We used Buywise a few years ago when buying our first property and they were fantastic. The team were very friendly and efficient. Inspection reports were very detailed. Would use them again!
Rod Hearn
Many thanks to our building inspector who returned to complete the inspection after not being able to access the roof on the original inspection. Very professional reports and advice on defects found. Highly recommend.
非常专业的团队。检查每个细节都很认真。建筑报告也非常的详细。各种工具齐全。能找出结构上的隐患。下次买房还是会找他们。Professional team. Very thorough with inspection and detailed report. Great work to Peter and Rohan. Will definitely recommend to others.
Steve & Shae
Tania and the Team at Melbourne Buywise were terrific! Fast, friendly and efficient. Very good value for such detailed inspections (both building & pest) and much more detail than other companies we have used prior - highly recommended
Anni Carnell
Thank you Melbourne Buywise for your quick and professional service. We are happy customers again. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a detailed property report prior to making such a big commitment.
Matt N
Had a great experience using buywise, they were able to meet my deadline and gave a very thorough and report of the property
Mia Tand
Thank you to the very efficient team for organising the comprehensive report for a property that I have now purchased in Cranbourne East. I have used your service three previous times and I have been very impressed that you continue to offer such peace of mind and thorough reports. Very pleased with the ease and speed at which these can carried out at. Best Regards.
Luke Stevanja
Really thorough inspectionsThese guys do a great jobOffice staff are great to deal with too
Anton Perera
Professional service.
Mahesh Jay
Very professional and the inspectors are good at picking up things and very thorough. Highly recommend their service if you are buying a property!
Margaret Michie
Thank you for your recent inspections, building and pest. Communication and efficiency from start to finish was excellent and it made a very stressful time much easier. Thank you.
Mark Belanti
BuyWise completed a building and pest inspection at a property in Blairgowrie. They were very responsive with an urgent booking and quick turnaround time on the report. The report was very thorough allowing us to make an informed decision on the purchase.
Emily W
We went through Buywise a few years ago, as we were buying our first home. Upon inspection, Buywise found that the house we intended on purchasing had termites! With their help we we able to cancel the offer we made on that house. We went through them a second time and were successful in buying our first home. As we are now going through them again for another house, we would like to recognize that the service and correspondence is still just as amazing as it was years ago.Wouldn't go through anyone else!
David Goodes
Would never make such a big purchase without getting their help - the staff are just fantastic, the experts will make the time to discuss any questions you might have, and we have avoided making a bad purchase with their help - plain and simple. Going to sleep better at night knowing the place we did buy is a-ok aside from a few to be expected maintenance things. Thank you so much!!
Jacqui Ryan
We have dealt with Peter, Trevor and the Buywise/Pest Police team on a number of occasions and are always impressed by their professionalism, level of detail and prompt communication. For our most recent Comprehensive Building & Pest Inspection we needed to re-schedule at late notice, Tania was very helpful and understanding. We highly recommend their services.
We were very happy with your service last year, and it saved us from what would have been a bad purchase! Peter was most helpful & generous with his time when explaining some report details and making recommendations. So, we're satisfied return customers, and again Tania has been very accommodating in arranging the inspection at short notice to fall within 3-day cooling off period & we know we will get a reliable report that will inform our purchasing decision.
Alexander Ferguson
Great service and great communication
Ching Lim
I commissioned a Comprehensive Building and Pest Inspection Report from Buywise and cannot recommend them enough.The building inspection was completed by Buywise's director Peter, who is a Registered Building Practitioner. The pest inspection was completed by Rohan, a registered pest inspector in the employ of the business.Both reports were available the night of the inspection and supplied with pictures and detailed comments. I was impressed by the quality of the reports and it is clear they had been thorough in their approach.I had a few questions relating to a few findings in the building report and my query was quickly attended to by a return phone call from Peter, who patiently answered my questions with clarity and in a way that was easy for a layperson like me to understand. His manner was impeccable and this level of 'after-sales' care is rare.This was equally matched by the manner in which my initial query was handled by their office manager Tania, who guided me through what the process entailed and which inspections were most appropriate for my circumstances.I am completely satisfied with the product and level of service that was delivered, and will certainly be a returning client in the future!
Jimmy Luckham
Tylah Jupp
Thorough and efficient. We paid the extra for the more detailed inspection, this was definitely worth the money as now we know what maintenance our property requires when we move in to prevent any future headaches.
Elise Fleming
Highly Recommend!!!!Had done an extremely thorough inspection on a property I wished to purchase.Pointed out factors that I hadn’t even considered as extra costs on the property.Very detailed report with pictures of everything.Definitely will recommend to others that require their service.3977
Pan Albert
Quick response and friendly. The inspection report is really detail and clear with lots photo included. I will recommend to my friends if they need property inspection.
Sajid Ledger Khan
First and foremost, a huge shoutout to the rockstar Tania @ Buywise Inspections. She was the most helpful and accommodating when we mentioned to her that the inspections needed to be completed within the next 4-5 days. Instead of the expected response of not being able to manage it within the tight timeframe, Tania moved around few inspections and accommodated us within our 7 days deadline. Thank you so much for that!Our chosen package had 2 experts inspecting the property - Peter & Rohan. The reports were provided on the same evening and they were very detailed with relevant photographs to help understand the wording of the report. Along with the facts laid out in the report, Peter & Rohan also made suggestions for the future regarding the structure and pest control so as we are able to enjoy the property for a long period of time with the minimum of hassle.I highly recommend the services of Buywise Inspections.
Jake Wilson
The inspection by the team at BuyWise was conducted to a very high standard with a quick turnaround. All the staff I dealt with were extremely professional and helpful, whilst the report I received was detailed and easy to read. I would highly recommend BuyWise to anyone seeking their services.
Mushtaq Hussaini
Highly recommend Buy Wise. Both Pest and Building inspection was thoroughly conducted and reported very important issues around the property which needed attention. Definitely recommending to family and friends in future, Thanks for your services 🙂
Sangita Chauhan
We have used Buywise twice in the last 5 years. The quality of their work is fantastic. The reports are detailed and give you the confidence you need in making a very big and expensive decision when buying a new home. Would 100% recommend them.
Nick Wall
Super easy to deal with and replied to my emails quickly.Sent me the pest inspection report the same day as the inspection and the building report the day after!
Cristina Francioli
Great service, reliable and honest, explained everything really well
Johnny “The Seagull” Horrocks
Totally stoked with these guys. Used them a few times now and it has been faultless and very professional. Most recently we had to arrange a very quick inspection, I gave them a call and it was all booked in for the next day - nice works guys, keep up the great work, we'll be back for sure. Peace.
Khalid Bahar
I can't praise buy wise highly enough. The swiftness of their service and responsiveness of their managers and inspectors up to par and set standards. Thank you Tania for assisting us all along the way. I would surely use their service again. They helped us identify issues, and provided means to negotiate solutions. Regards from the BAHAR family.
J Unit
We needed a comprehensive building and pest report done ahead of purchasing an older home and we couldn't be happier with both the Build and Pest inspectors (Peter and Trevor) The staff were so lovely (Tania in particular is a star) and helpful and the inspectors highly experienced and thorough. The report provided a phenomenal amount of detail which provided for an excellent discussion with the inspector around costs and timeframes associated with various issues and a great basis for negotiation. You pay for the peace of mind which in our case provided a wealth of information and saved us money.
Jeremy Hamilton
We ordered a pest and building inspection before heading to auction for a property in Blackburn South a week ago. Every touch point with their staff was cordial and professional which was fantastic. The reports they provided were both detailed in their assessment, and useful in their description of what issues existed and whether they mattered. As a person unfamiliar with building regulations and standards this information, along with images of areas we couldn't inspect ourselves, helped us decide not to participate in the auction
Nathaniel Morton
We employed Buy-Wise after looking at a few different inspectors in our area. We chose them based on their professionalism. The reports presented were thorough and easy to understand. I would recommend them again. The property inspected was in Cranbourne East.
Gabby Holland
I highly recommend Buy Wise! We were first home buyers and super nervous to buy our first home. When I rang and spoke to Tania, she did absolutely everything she could to book in an urgent inspection, the whole time she was very professional and patient with me changing days and times. We then asked for a callback from Peter and he took the time to have a chat to me and answers my concerns about the property and report provided. My parents recommended this company to us after using them several times and I agree, I was very satisfied and will ensure I use them every time I buy a house in the future!
Hanna Hosking
Everyone from Buywise was incredibly helpful, from Tania who arranged everything with the agent, to the two guys on site who provided an incredibly in depth report which alerted us to some (non major) issues that we can address quickly.Recommend this business to anyone needing a property inspected
Penny Farmer
Great job! Very thorough and great value.
Krystal de
Really happy with the inspections carried out by Peter H (major structural building) and Rohan (pest ). Couldn't attend due to Covid19 restrictions but the guys took heaps of photos and when I needed to discuss further with Peter the rising damp he was very helfpul over the phone and gave me the clarification I needed on how best to resolve it. We did end up buying the house, reduced our offer to allow for repair of the rising damp and there are other things we can now confidently address when we take possession of the property. Highly recommend and would definitely use again. The reports were provided later that day and spoke to Peter the next morning. So much better than a building inspection I did a few years ago which only told me things blind Freddy could have spotted. Peter and Rohan climb all over the house, go on and in the roof, under the houes and the photos are really useful as all the problem areas are captured for your reference.
Eva Hartman
Very responsive and quick and efficient service!
Caroline Clark
Used Buywise for a building and pest inspection in Frankston South. Didn't meet the guys, but Tania was really helpful and detailed in her explanation as to what would be undertaken. Really thorough report also provided. Would recommend and use again.
Mustajab Ali
extremely detailed and thorough reports, highly recommended
Hassan Awan
It was probably the best $740 I have spent, and it saved me thousands if not 10s of thousand. From engagement to final report Buywise provided a great customer service experience.Two Buywise staff performed a very thorough inspection, drafted a detailed report and were quite patient in explaining the issues, that were discovered in the report, to a layman like me. I would strongly recommend all home buyers to have building and pest inspection before purchase. It will save you from a lot of pain in the future.
Dan Candy
Buy wise came highly recommended by two of my work colleagues. I booked a building and pest inspection for a property in Mornington.I don’t have a lot of experience and knowledge in this area. Tania was brilliant explaining the process.I met the buy wise team at the property. They were very happy to speak with me during the inspection and talked through their findings and recommendations. They were very professional and I had full trust in their recommendations.The reports came through very quickly (despite workload). Very comprehensive reports with lots of photos.I would definitely use buy wise in the future and would highly recommend.
Carolyn & Nathan Close
Used this company for a building and pest inspection on a property we were going to find. There experts found undisclosed termite damage and as a result we withdrew our offer potentially saving us thousands. They are worth every penny and will be using them again very soon.
Christopher Jack
Buywise provided an excellent service experience. Tania was fantastic and helped us navigate an extremely difficult situation. Access to the property was postponed by the vendor numerous times and made everything extremely akward. The inspectors were on time and very professional and well spoken. The report was extremely detailed and covered everything you will need. I highly recommend Buywise for all your house inspection needs. They went above and beyond for us. We were successful with the house purchase at Mornington so we are very pleased. Thank-you to the team at Buywise
Stuart Simpson
Excellent customer service, prompt completion of report and very detailed.
Buywise were extremely thorough and professional - the inspections for both major structural and pest were highly detailed, very accurate and helped me to make a well-informed offer on an older property with some issues. Their helpful staff were not only happy to discuss and explain the findings but also took an interest, following up with me to see what I had decided regarding the property. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone as a well priced, quality service.
Han Weng
Referred and highly recommend by our friends. Now I will do the same. We are impressed with the professionalism and attention to details of the Buy-Wise Inspection technicians and office staff. Objective, timely and detailed report after inspection. We followed up over the phone with a office staff who went through our questions in patience and details. Very reassuring.
Jordan Hughes
I found the team to be very helpful and professional
Michelle Owens
Helped us find a nice property in Frankston that did not require much work or expense. They also saved us from buying a couple of money pits over the past few months. Detailed reports and prompt service.
LilyLoves Life
Buy Wise were fantasic with getting my building and pest inspection done quickly and thoroughly. They responded to me after hours when I was in a sticky situation having to pull out of a contract and were with me all the way thru the process. Would recommend to anyone. Great service.
Galina Wilson
We have had four houses inspected by Buy Wise now, because they are so incredibly thorough, friendly, knowledgable and professional. When making such a huge investment, you want to know exactly what you are buying!
Very professional and detailed. We've used the team for two home inspections and both were very thorough and detailed that provided us with the insights needed to make the right choice!
Serpil@gmail.com.au Shengoogle1
I would highly recommend the prompt service and great value for this building and pest report by this company.Very thorough and great peace of mind with my sale and purchase.Friendly reliable service.Thankyou again.
Jack Hilet
Great service. Used them three times for three separate houses, including the one we now own, each time they delivered detailed reports within the timeframe.
Glenn Warren
Great service, did exactly as they said, prompt on time and gave us valuable feedback, recomended business and I would use again for sure
kiran balamurugan
Excellent service and well worth the money. Will definitely recommend
laura murphy
highly recommend, totally stress free, fast and detailed.
Ting Sarah Wang
Great work and really value suggestions. We had few inspection in Glen, Tania helped to manage the inspection before the deadline!
Nat A
Rang up Monday morning to book an inspection for a prospective property in Mount Eliza. They were on site Tuesday midday with a beagle. The report was available late Tuesday night. I eagerly read the report Wednesday morning and proceeded to purchase the 3048sqm property in Mount Eliza. Very impressed with the reports and advice. Highly recommended.
Gareth Low
Peter and Rohan were excellent at what they do and spotted the problem with the house the minute they started the inspection. I wanted to do some renovations on the house and wanted to see if anything needs to be fixed structurally. The reports were very detailed, with actions to take to fix the issue. Would definitely recommend Buy Wise for their professional work! Cheers!
Buy wise conducted a very thorough report for us on a house in frankston we went to auction on. The house looked in good condition but we found out the structure was not as good as we hoped and also had termite damage so the team from buy wise Peter, Jason and beagle Penny helped us set a relistic limit on how much we should max our bid at. Thank you all from the team of buy wise. We highly recommend them to anyone who wants to live in a good strong house.
nick griffin
Great service and a good eye for detail.
Emily Brown
We requested a number of property inspections over the last 18 months, in preparation for purchase. Every time we have engaged their services they have been very professional, very prompt and very understanding to our specific needs.
michael collins
Thanks again for the inspection at our new home . Great service and good price for a serious decision!
Jess Zhu
The experience with Peter Tania and the team has been amazing. They are not only very knowledgeable and professional in their jobs, but have been very supportive and patient in answering our questions as first home buyers. The reports provided after the inspections (building and pest) were thorough and easy to understand. Thanks a lot! Definitely will be our go-to person if we ever purchase again in this area!
Wiebke Pahl
Peter and Rohan completed our building and pest inspections last week (comprehensive combined with termite detection dog). The reports were very comprehensive and useful for us to understand the areas of the property that needed repair or replacement. Peter was available for a discussion of the building inspection results afterwards to provide clarification where needed (there were no significant pest related issues). Based on the report and the subsequent discussion, we felt very well informed about the state of the property and likely financial liability for maintenance and replacements, and we were confident that we could make the right decision regarding the purchase of the property. We would highly recommend using Buywise.
Ridwaan Manjoo
I have used Buy Wise twice already and have been extremely happy with the service. Their reports are detailed and are prepared with great professionalism.
Steve Boyd
Quick and efficient to undertake our building & pest inspection and produce in-depth reports on findings, prior to us purchasing an established property in Frankston.Excellent service and communications both prior to and post inspections. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again prior to any future property purchases.
Andrew Gard
Building and pest report was very detailed. Extremely happy with the service provided. Highly recommend
Zoran Tomic
Thank you! Very professional!Inspector was master of details,report created also easy to understand! We are very happy with building and termite inspection of our new home!Endevour hills.Highly recommended👍👍👍
Thi Nguyen
I like this place and the people. Friendly office staff and professional inspectors. I will definitely go back to this place when I need them again.
Rebecca Riley
We had a great experience dealing with the whole Buy Wise team, from the initial bookings, through to detailed reports and being able to speak with the inspectors afterwards to clarify details of the report.Whilst we didn't get the home we were hoping to, our reports from Buy Wise significantly helped us inform our decisions whether to proceed with this property and the areas we would need to look at further. I'd have no hesitation in recommending and using them again!
Duminda Ranasinghe
The service was beyond great. Thank you so much for your work and help. Thank you Berlinda, Peter, Rohan and Penny.