There are a wide range of reasons why you would need to book Building Defect Inspections. Among the most common of these are listed below – and you’ll also find some samples of our truly comprehensive reports, highlighting our extensive use of digital photography.

We know that some people can be a little reluctant to order building defect inspections. This is often through a hope that any problem might solve itself, or remain at a low level. Sadly, such wishes rarely come true. It’s also the case that it can feel that it’s ‘better not knowing’. It isn’t!

The key is often to spot a problem at as early a stage as possible; before the costs of any remedial work tend to shoot upwards at an alarming rate. And, if it is less serious than you imagined, then a little peace of mind would surely be welcome.


So no matter the problem you feel might be present in your property, take the opportunity to have it professionally assessed by our Buywise experts right away…

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