It’s no surprise if you are considering a purchase of a property in so-liveable Frankston, set so well on the eastern shores of Port Phillip. And you won’t want any nasty surprises after you have bought. So, that’s why it makes sound sense to secure a detailed building and pest inspection at as early a stage as possible. You’ll want to be made aware of a range of possible problems, which could include any hazardous materials, or termite infestation evidence. Maybe unpermitted structural changes are present.

But who to choose for the task? Well, more than 70,000 Melbourne and her suburbs residents have already benefited from the Buywise pre-purchase property inspection services. We have gained a stunning 4.8 out of 5 Google Review Rating, due in great measure to our building and pest inspection team who share more than half a century of hard-won property market experience.


We are committed to finding the key information, from up in the roof to under the floorboards, in your property of choice. We sniff out problems, literally so in the case of our amazing termite hound (also known as a beagle) who, paired with vital equipment, works to an unequalled 97% accuracy level. So, together they all have the huge level of building and pest inspection experience needed to deliver reports to our unmatched standard…