Pest Inspection is a necessary step to take whether you are buying or investing on a property. It is an important process which includes a careful and methodical examination by licensed technicians such as Buy Wise Pest Control Experts to determine if the property is affected by pests such as termites and bugs.

Pests, which are considered detrimental, could bring harmful effects and cause nuisances to humans. Pests could be organisms that bring disease and damage stored food, timbers, clothes, and even books. This is why Buy Wise has decided to provide pest inspection services to give property owners peace of mind.

Timber Pest Inspection Experts

Our Pest Inspectors are members of the Australian Pest Managers Association. They are registered with the health department and are licensed pest technicians. They provide a thorough and comprehensive pest inspection service to give you detailed information to alert you of any invasive pest that could be around your property.

Completing our expert Pest Inspection, our experienced pest controllers are paired with the latest equipment. The best types of equipment are used for your property for a much more detailed report.

Comprehensive Buy Wise Pest Inspection

Pests can be very stressful to have in your property and Buy Wise as a comprehensive inspection company in Melbourne knows how important our inspection are to you as property owners. And so, we perform our reports with the latest software that captures digital photographs of both major and minor issues discovered throughout the inspection and makes it available ASAP.


We’re ready to undertake the building and pest inspection you require and deliver the report you need. To discuss the process, and receive a free quote, go to our Buywise Enquiry Form on this page – or simply talk to us on 1800 289 …