It might be unfortunate but when it comes to buying a home, what you see isn’t always what you get. This is why preparation has to be made on the side of both the buyer and the vendor to make sure the property meets, and even exceeds, the expectations. It can be a stressful phase in the home buying or selling process, though.

Although both the home buyer and the property broker or owner will feel a little anxious thinking about getting a building inspection completed, it shouldn’t be the case. In reality, it helps the vendor make the house enticing to potential investors as well as helps the buyers be convinced that they’re making the right investment move.

How Buyers Can Prepare for a Building and pest inspection

Besides looking for qualified and capable inspectors, there are a couple of things every home buyer should do to prepare for the day of the actual house inspection.

Create a Checklist

Before the inspectors arrive at the prospect property, make a list of areas in the home that you want checked. Ideally, it should include the following:

  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • Gutters and downpipes
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Sub floor
  • Roof space
  • Surface drainage

Manage One’s Expectations

To begin with, keep in mind that a building and pest inspection takes 1 – 2 hours, depending on the size of the home or structure that is assessed. Find time to be present during the actual inspection so you can take notes and photographs of the place and find out about the house’s real condition. It also gives you a chance to ask about stuff that concerns you from the inspector himself.

Although the inspectors will be thorough in checking the entire property, understand that the scope of his job doesn’t include everything. Some of the components he or she might not include in the final report are the following:

How Buyers Can Prepare for a Building and pest inspection

  • Odours
  • Internet service
  • Trees and landscaping
  • Electrical faults

It’s worth noting, however, that some building inspectors include pest inspection in their scope. It is highly recommended to have the property inspected by a licensed and experienced timber pest inspector and has obtained his license through a traineeship not a short 2 week course. An inspector that has not just performed pest inspections but termite treatments also to properly understand where these menacing pests gain access to properties. A worthwhile investment as you can anticipate pertinent expenses associated with exterminating such destructive nuisances.

In general, inspectors will report what they see and if the property owner hasn’t vacated the place of his or her belongings, it’ll prove to be more difficult to get the best assessment of the space.

How Vendors Can Prepare for the Building and pest inspection

To adequately prepare for a property inspection, one needs to understand what the report is and how it can affect the outcome of an otherwise promising sale. A common misconception that property vendors have about this service is that it’ll give their house a “pass or fail” grade, which isn’t really the case. Instead, an independent building inspector is a neutral third party whose purpose is to advise potential investors whether to purchase or pass on the home they’re eyeing on.

With that in mind, any property broker or vendor should do a couple of preparations before any pre-sale building inspection.

Ensuring Accessibility

The most important thing any vendor can do to prepare their house for the building and pest inspector is to make sure that he or she gets proper access to all areas and elements of the property. This means unlocking the garage and other outbuildings or keeping pets tied or put in a kernel so the inspectors can freely move about. It’s also important that any barriers like furniture pieces or cartons are removed from entry points to the sub-floor areas and the roof void.

Improving the House’s Appearance

Seeing a well-maintained space is reassuring to any serious home buyer. Take this as a hint that doing simple maintenance tasks can go a long way in attracting buyers and convincing them to give the home you’re putting on the market a closer look.

It isn’t just buyers who you can impress with a clean property. Cleaning the home and removing clutter will certainly sit well with any inspector who comes over to check the place for defects and termites. Not only will this guarantee accessibility, but the gesture can be taken as you having nothing to hide in the property you’re selling.

On that note, here are other ways you can do to improve the appeal of the apartment or home:

  • Tighten door knobs and the hinges and latches on doors
  • Check if all windows function properly
  • Make sure plumbing fixtures (i.e. toilets and taps) are working
  • Any minor external repairs
  • Clear around the dwelling

While these tasks can be good for starters, you may sometimes have to involve a professional to do the following:

  • Check for signs of water leakage and mildew around the kitchen or bathroom and have leaks and faulty fixtures fixed.
  • Repaint interior walls and the façade for a cleaner, more inviting look.
  • Any roof repairs and gutters cleaned
  • In case of drainage problems, modify site drainage to route surface water away from critical structures on the property.

Preparing for Buyer Inspections

As a property vendor, it isn’t just the aesthetics of the house that you need to prepare. To give potential investors a truly compelling reason to buy your asset, it’s a good idea to assemble various certificates, warranties, and receipts that you can use to answer any pertinent queries.

If you have appliances included in the sale, get receipts of service records and warranties ready. Prepare any house certifications you have in your record, too, including information on the age of major components (i.e. air conditioning, roof covering, etc.). To give them a better feel for the place, you may also show them utility bills for heating, water, and power in the past months.

Building and pest Inspections are Critical in a Real Estate Transaction

A house will be one of the biggest, most valuable purchases you’ll make in this lifetime and it makes sense to get one that is worth its price. A home inspection helps make sure that that is the case. Meanwhile, a pre-sale inspection initiated by the seller can demonstrate that the property he or she is selling is sound and liveable. This proof of confidence can give potential buyers the reassurance that they’ll be engaging in an honest deal where they get what they truly paid for.

To get a thorough and keen building and pest inspection done for a property you’re setting your sights on, give our expert team a call today!